John Barnes to reprise World in Motion rap for Mars ad

Share on Facebook Hooking up a network with two or more computers may seem like an overwhelming task, but hardware vendors and Microsoft have simplified networking technologies to facilitate easier installation and set-up. In order to accomplish this task, you will need to inventory your network equipment, purchase needed hardware, set up and install a router, and hook up your computers to the router. You can choose to set up a wired network, a wireless network or a hybrid network. Gather Materials Determine what items you need to purchase in order to hook up a network with two or more computers. Purchase external cards to make installation easiest. Most recent laptops feature an embedded wireless antenna. If you are unsure of the hardware capabilities of your computer, open the “Device Manager” via the Control Panel, then expand the “Network Adapters” category. Acquire a router that preferably supports both wired and wireless connections. In order to connect the NIC to the router, you will need RJ connector cables for each wired computer.

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Every pedestrian you sucker punch or intersection you cartwheel a truck through can set off a chain of ridiculous events, usually ending in death by tank. The citizens of Los Santos exist only to add screaming sounds to your explosions. Their lives are so pointless the only thing they have to discuss during their afterlife is the hilarious ways we killed them.

I’m not much of a theologist, but Donkey Kong probably had to build an entire new wing of video game heaven after I found out driving on sidewalks was faster than weaving through traffic. I murder so often and stupidly in GTA that even the worst lawyer could convince a jury I was too retarded to execute. On top of all the emergent funny, GTA V includes a massive amount of scripted material.

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Whoops, sorry, this is from the superhero-themed Fifty Shades Of Grey porn parody. Probably some bad chili Bruce Wayne had. But hey, at least all these scenes were technically in the stories For instance, one of the most memorable moments is the scene in which Jyn and the Rogue Gang charge toward a bunch of giant imperial walkers on foot, without the aid of snowspeeders, tow cables, or mischievous space bears. Lucasfilm The bear thing is open for debate, however Another striking visual was Jyn facing off against a TIE Fighter on her lonesome, armed with nothing but a blaster and lots of slogans about hope.

Lucasfilm That life jacket probably won’t help her much in this situation. Neither of those moments are in the movie — they’re from the teaser and the first trailer , respectively. Despite the filmmakers’ assurance that the Rogue One reshoots were only minor stuff , one fan compiled a list of 46 freaking shots from the trailers that were left out of the final film. This includes entire lines of dialogue that hinted at a slightly different, possibly darker plot.

On the other hand, they also got rid of that cringeworthy “I rebel” line , so maybe it was all worth it. Can you imagine being one of the people who went to see the latest Fantastic Four exclusively because of that cool shot of Thing being air-dropped from a plane like a sentient atom bomb Strangelove remake is weird as hell.

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Weak water pressure, cheap RV shower heads, and small spaces combine to make RV showers a letdown. Thankfully a whole new generation of high pressure, water saver RV showerheads are making it to store shelves, like the new Ecocamel Jetstorm RV showerhead. The new Ecocamel Jetstorm is manufactured by experts who know about living in tight quarters: The Jetstorm is their big seller for RV shower heads and with good reason: I cannot say enough about its performance.

I must get around to watching this again. I’m sure I didn’t pick up on this many of the film’s idiocies the first time 5 years ago. Except maybe “It wasn’t easy.”.

The term Tune Up is probably one of the most misused and misunderstood automotive terms. Before electronics came into the picture the term tune-up was applied to the maintenance operation of replacing spark plugs, distributor points, inspecting or replacing the cap and rotor and possibly replacing the fuel and air filters. There were many adjustments to be done on old model cars; point gap, ignition timing and idle mixture and dwell. These preventative maintenance operations were usually done about every 20, — 32, kilometres.

Is the reason just because the language is outdated, or is there more to it than that? Is there such a thing as a tune up anymore or has the tune up been replaced with scheduled maintenance? Distributors are gone and even spark plug wires are missing from many vehicles.

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EasyDriver V1 – This was the first attempt. Also did not have variable current limit or 5V regulator. EasyDriver V2 – This was the second attempt. I had some boards fabbed at Futurlec without solder mask or silkscreen.

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Hi Jerry, After 7 days of brokin hr , I think it’s the best power conditioner I have used, better than Monster Htps , Shunyata Hydra 8, Chang lightspeed ht and many others. I think it’s just the beginning and after or hr more, it’ll sound better again. You make really good product, Jerry. Soon I think to try your speaker cable.

Jean-Guy Jerry, This is just a preliminary report. First, my equipment is very good and very transparent.

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Water Whoosh Floating Mat 20 Foot Holds over lbs Use this Aqua Mat as a ‘slip ‘n slide’ on the water, a water ski or wakeboard starting platform, a relaxing hang out on hot days or attach it to your water trampoline.

There is a power and battery status LED, and you get two AA batteries that will give you as much as 14 hours of continuous usage. This system has an operating range of feet in your line of sight. If you want to have the freedom of performing without cables or a snake, this is an option you need to consider. This system is available in various bodypack and handheld configurations so that it can be used for instruments, headsets, and a presenter system.

This system is ready to use right out of the box. Easy to Use — This is a wireless system that is simple to use, but it gives you an incredible professional-quality sound. The intuitive interface lets you have terrific audio performance, and there is little in the way of setup. Just open the box, and you can start using this wireless microphone system.

Controls — The BLX99 has intuitive controls, along with a microprocessor-controlled internal antenna. You will love the one-touch QuickScan, which allows you to quickly select the best open frequency to use to avoid interference. There are up to 12 compatible systems for the frequency band, depending on your region. Mixing — This system uses the SM58 capsule.

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Courtesy of the Youth Club Archive. In the summer of , amid the sweltering heat of one of the driest summers in the U. That year, then-prime minister Margaret Thatcher celebrated a decade in power as the head of a conservative regime based on privatization and deregulation.

Jun 22,  · Critics Consensus: With spot-on s period detail, knockout writing, and a killer cast, GLOW shines brightly.

I had just finished work about So, in a fit of spontaneity, I sent an e-mail to a young lady. Imagine my surprise when I found out that the post was actually a woman and not some creep trolling for dick pics. She responded to my e-mail and it went back and forth like that. After we both confirmed that the other was not a homicidal, she forwarded me her telephone number.

We nervously chatted about what we did that night, how we got to the place of being on Craigs List and just general bullshit. She sounded very sweet on the phone and we finally got around to having me stop by her place. To say the least, I was jacked. I agreed to pick up a little refreshment, left my place in Logan Square and proceeded over to her place in Lincoln Park.

Just when I was getting close, I received a call from her.

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