This expands the range of measurements that can be performed, from the higher flow rates down to the lower end of the flow span, and ensures stable and accurate flow rate output, which is normally difficult for vortex flow meters. Steam Flow Measurement Steam has often been described as the ‘lifeblood’ of the industry. Vortex meters are known to be superior devices for steam flow measurement due to their inherent linear measurement, large turndown, low pressure drop, and high accuracy. The multivariable vortex flow meter is ideal for high temperature, superheated, and saturated steam applications since it eliminates the need for separate components and associated installation temperature. In addition, it provides quality, dependability and high pressure ratings along with a stable and reliable flow measurement. Read the application note to learn more. Liquid Applications Liquid applications in the oil refinery industry become challenging since the process liquid is a higher viscosity at lower process temperatures.

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For applications requiring only mass flow or volume flow measurement Series transmitters are ideal for flow Internal kohm pull-up, sinking up to mA at 30 VDC maximum Series and Transmitters. Series and Transmitters ±[))))).

History[ edit ] The anemometer has changed little since its development in the 15th century. Leon Battista Alberti — is said to have invented the first mechanical anemometer around In following centuries, numerous others, including Robert Hooke — , developed their own versions, with some being mistakenly credited as the inventor. In , John Thomas Romney Robinson — improved upon the design by using four hemispherical cups and mechanical wheels. In , Canadian meteorologist John Patterson January 3, — February 22, developed a three-cup anemometer, which was improved by Brevoort and Joiner in In , Derek Weston added the ability to measure wind direction.

In , Andrews Pflitsch developed the sonic anemometer. It consisted of four hemispherical cups mounted on horizontal arms, which were mounted on a vertical shaft. The air flow past the cups in any horizontal direction turned the shaft at a rate that was proportional to the wind speed. Therefore, counting the turns of the shaft over a set time period produced a value proportional to the average wind speed for a wide range of speeds.

On an anemometer with four cups, it is easy to see that since the cups are arranged symmetrically on the end of the arms, the wind always has the hollow of one cup presented to it and is blowing on the back of the cup on the opposite end of the cross. When Robinson first designed his anemometer, he asserted that the cups moved one-third of the speed of the wind, unaffected by the cup size or arm length.

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Flume Numerous types of flowmeters are available for closed-piping systems. In general, the equipment can be classified as differential pressure, positive displacement, velocity, and mass meters. Differential pressure devices also known as head meters include orifices, venturi tubes, flow tubes, flow nozzles, pitot tubes, elbow-tap meters, target meters, and variable-area meters, Fig.

Positive displacement meters include piston, oval-gear, nutating-disk, and rotary-vane types. Velocity meters consist of turbine, vortex shedding, electromagnetic, and sonic designs.

The current flow “alternates”, hence alternating current. When AC changes direction, it does not jump from full value in one direction to full value in the other direction. It builds up gradually to maximum, drops off gradually to zero, then repeats this in the opposite direction.

This is intended to allow the straight pipe run to “smooth out” any turbulence produced by the presence of valves, thermowells, chemical injectors and diffusers, and changes in pipe direction. This type of turbulence produces error in the reading of most flow meters. The flow meter’s error can be quite large. Chemical injectors can produce significant error in the flow meter reading also. Good Flow Meter Installations We suggest at least 10 diameters of straight pipe run upstream and 5 diameters of straight pipe run downstream of any flow meter installation in order to achieve proper accuracy.

These are minimum suggested values. As the pipe layout diagram shows, you may need much more straight run prior to the flow meter, under specific circumstances. Preventing Flow Meter Cavitation Cavitation can be caused by entrained air, and it can seriously damage the rotor on a turbine flow meter. In addition, cavitation can be caused by too little backpressure on the flow meter.

For turbines and other rotary impeller flow meters, you should provide a backpressure downstream pressure of at least 1. This can usually be accomplished by providing the minimum downstream straight run after the flow meter and prior to discharge. If you need the highest possible accuracy from your flow meter installation, you should install a separate flow-straightening device upstream of the flow meter.

Any flow straightener requires additional diameters of straight run. Usually the mimimum requirement is 7 diameters before the flow straightener and 5 diameters between the straightener and the flow meter itself.

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Description[ edit ] Schematic drawing of the internals of a classic aircraft vertical speed indicator Variometers measure the rate of change of altitude by detecting the change in air pressure static pressure as altitude changes. A simple variometer can be constructed by adding a large reservoir a thermos bottle to augment the storage capacity of a common aircraft rate-of-climb instrument. In its simplest electronic form, the instrument consists of an air bottle connected to the external atmosphere through a sensitive air flow meter.

As the aircraft changes altitude, the atmospheric pressure outside the aircraft changes and air flows into or out of the air bottle to equalise the pressure inside the bottle and outside the aircraft. The rate and direction of flowing air is measured by the cooling of one of two self-heating thermistors and the difference between the thermistor resistances will cause a voltage difference; this is amplified and displayed to the pilot.

Coriolis meters are true mass meters that measure the mass rate of flow directly as opposed to volumetric flow. Because mass does not change, the meter is linear without having to be adjusted for variations in liquid properties.

Need a guide to try it out by your self? Find out here… Some background The ECM is able to do such a gigantic job by executing a software created for that purpose. This software is called and executed every time you turn the key to start your car. The software is specific for each engine and each ECM and allows to easily control the engine in a way that previous mechanical fixed systems could not. Modern cars no longer use carburetors. The EFI system replaces the carburetor functions entirely.

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Basic Fundamentals December 9, – 5: Many problems encountered in service work are electrical problems or related to electrical problems. There are two types of electrical current in common use today: AC current is produced by all electric utilities. AC is very “flexible”.

So once your equipment is well setup, power it up and pressurize the high port of your DP transmitter. Record the current reading in (m A) which will be your first data point. Continue pressurizing the transmitter and recording your readings for the five points (0%, 25%, 50%, 75% and % of .

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Close contact to our customers is guaranteed through our global network of more than 30 distributors. We are your competent partner relying on our qualified staff, performance standards and experience for many years. It is characterized by significant improvements and operated with a digital pc-board with all functions for accurate flow measurement and control.

May 02,  · The mass flow meter according to claim 1, characterized in that, the measuring tube (1) consists of two uniform, generally hook-like bent tube parts (4), which extend from the tube inflow and outflow ends (5, 6) up to the middle of the respective tube loop (2, 3) and to which is connected by two connections (8) the central tube section (7).

For an example of an ‘Open’ EEI task sheet, click here. Photovoltaic power generation employs solar panels comprising a number of cells containing a photovoltaic material. The Australian Government provides incentives for the use of PVs for both domestic and industrial use you can save money, and save the environment. Solar photovoltaics generates electricity in more than countries and, while yet comprising a tiny fraction of the GW total global power-generating capacity from all sources, is the fastest growing power-generation technology in the world.

Between and , grid-connected PV capacity increased at an annual average rate of 60 percent, to some 21 GW. A good EEI would be to measure current as a function of the angle of incidence of sunlight all within a short period of time eg 30 minutes ; measure current when collector is perpendicular to rays during the day how should that go? But maybe you’ll need to consider more than current; perhaps the power output is more important.

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What is claimed as new and desired to be secured by Letters Patent of the United States is: The mass flow meter according to claim 1, characterized in that, the measuring tube 1 consists of two uniform, generally hook-like bent tube parts 4 , which extend from the tube inflow and outflow ends 5, 6 up to the middle of the respective tube loop 2, 3 and to which is connected by two connections 8 the central tube section 7. The mass flow meter according to claim 2, characterized in that, the two connections 8 are orbital welding seams each of which is covered by a ring 16 welded onto the measuring tube 1 , to which ring is fastened the oscillator The mass flow meter according to any one of the claims 1 to 3, characterized in that, the block 13 consists of a base plate 14 lying within the oval tube loops 2, 3 and the base plate 14 intersecting their planes and a cover plate 15 which has half shells 21, 22 enclosing the measuring tube 1 at the four tube sections 9 to 12 and which are welded to these tube sections 9 to 12 as well as to one another.

The mass flow meter according to claim 4, characterized in that, the base plate 14 is provided with support webs 22 an half shells 24 and is welded together with them. The invention relates to a mass flow meter for flowing media with equipment for determination of the coriolis force, which consists of a helicoidally-bent measuring tube, provided with two tube loops, whose inflow and outflow ends are affixed to a massive cast block and between whose opposedly pivotable tube loops are arranged an oscillator and two sensors measuring torsional oscillations of the loops.

Trace in GREEN the POSITIVE power flow from the fuse to the motor. 2. Trace in ORANGE the NEGATIVE power flow from the motor to ground. A-1 Page 5. 1. How will the circuit be affected if there is an open at point T. MAZDA. WORKSHEET #1. WORKSHEET #2. WORKSHEET #3. WORKSHEET #4. WORKSHEET #5. MAZDA POWER MIRRORS. MAZDA POWER MIRRORS.

Two years later it’s still running well, with no problems. Early in , I rebuilt this engine, adding high compression pistons 9. The MAF system outlined here has adapted well to all these changes. Revision “A” fixed a few unclear items in first release, corrects grammar errors, adds wiring comparison chart, and expands the useful reference list at the end. Rev B fixed wiring table formats. Rev C added 6. Rev G added Section 8. Rev I omitted 5.

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Renovations After you have created volatility in the ground floor of the ditch it should be evenly filled with the ground bearing. If the bottom of the ditch, filling up to a height of cm over rocky bottom. Filler material will be sand, gravel must be non-adherent sand or gravel mixed.

Fluid Components International (FCI) is a manufacturer of thermal dispersion flow and level measurement instrumentation. We have 50 years experience as the world’s largest installed base of.

Nexus Valve now provides popular drawing file formats for a wide variety of products. Nexus I Flow of Innovation From the heat source to heat emission to heat distribution, Nexus, Flamco, and Meibes cover a broad spectrum of innovative building technology systems. The sister companies belong to Aalberts Industries N. This internationally active group of companies has specialised in technical products and systems in the fields of installations, heating, cooling and solar solutions.

Our extensive family of flow control and related accessories for the commercial hydronic HVAC industry stands alone for quality, selection, and price. We offer millions of combinations of assemblies for your convenience, all designed, built, and tested at our headquartes in Fishers, Indiana. Whatever your system requires, we can fulfill your needs quickly and affordably.

Contact your local Nexus representative today for more information. What sets us apart Our outstanding team has more direct experience in the commercial hydronic HVAC industry from contracting to distribution to manufacturing than any competitor which provides a critical foundation for success. Of course our product is great too, but our real strength is our people!

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Process and Instrumentation Drawing Symbols and Their Usage Process and Instrumentation Diagrams use special shapes to represent different types of equipments, valves, instruments and pipelines. Process and Instrumentation Symbols – Equipment Pumps and tanks come in a variety of designs and shapes. You have both abstract symbols and simulation images to choose.

Sep 08,  · Flow Meter Problem: Stations need a way to monitor propane dispensed by volume and by weight for inventory tracking. The propane dispenser uses volume measurement while portable bottles are sold by weight.

This was the first Mars lander designed after the bombshell from Mariner 4 that astronomers had drastically over-estimated how dense the Martian atmosphere was. They had figured it was a useful 85 hectopascals hPa , in reality it was an almost worthless 6 hPa just slightly better than a vacuum. By way of comparison Terra’s atmospheric pressure at sea level is hPa. The poor prior design that was rendered obsolete by the low atmospheric pressure was the Aeronutronic MEM The low atmospheric blow Mariner 4 dealt to the scientist was just the cherry on top of the sundae.

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