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Universal Hobbies produce a Fordson Major tractor attached to a key ring! In fact it is so close to the Oxford model in detail and scale I at first took it to be the same casting. The most important difference is that it doesn’t have the shiny front axle, the front wheels are held in by two plastic pins. The other difference is that it only has a rudimentry exhaust stack and the attachment for the keyring which is a tab with a hole where the drawgear would be. It might be possible to modify the tab to represent the drawgear. There are 3 other tractors in the range, a grey Fergie and a later M-F that are overscale for 00 and an un-named tractor that looks like a mid 50’s Massey-Harris with grey instead of yellow wheels that also looks very close to 1: EDIT Arthur just beat me to it re.

Fordson E1A New Major

Vintage tractor Any tractor first introduced after 1st January and prior to 31st December but including any tractors manufactured after this date to a design introduced between these dates. Classic tractor Any tractor first introduced after 1st January and prior to 31st July , excluding tractors with Q cabs, but including any tractor manufactured after this date to a design introduced between these dates. Modern classic tractor Any tractor first introduced after 1st August and prior to 31st December but including any tractors manufactured after this date to a design introduced between these dates.

Modern tractor Any tractor first introduced after 1st January Stationary Engine Dating Classification Veteran Stationary Engine Any stationary engine first introduced prior to 31st December , including any stationary engines manufactured after this date to a design introduced prior to this date. Vintage Stationary Engine Any stationary engine first introduced after 1st January and prior to 31st December , but including any stationary engines manufactured after this date to a design introduced between these dates.

Recently bought a tractor. Serial number appears to be E but has Super Dexta on front Grill. Has no lights but does have a front end loaded (one armed) from Ford.

April 7, However, until a true 7, units had been delivered to England and Canada, most of the next 3, were sent overseas or to Canada. Now let’s take a look behind the scene of those three weeks. For this, refer to the chart of April’s production. Note the official Ford chart breaks the production numbers into two segments. For clarity’s sake, let’s assume the first set of numbers of 3, , pertains to the first two weeks in April.

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Hough Loader Legacy Frank G. Hough’s front-end loader innovations are still on the job today. The simple curves in the loader arms increased wheel clearance, allowed for larger carry loads and improved the bank-digging capabilities of the machine. Front-end loaders are so commonplace that they blend into the mechanical landscape at construction sites. Most farms, many estates and even some suburban homes are equipped with at least one.

The serial number of the Fordson Dexta is stamped on the flange between the engine and clutch housing on the left hand side of the tractor. The castings codes (clutch casting, rear axle casting, gearbox casting, hydraulic lift casting) can also give an indication of year of manufacture.

Deere Associates Although not clones or affiliates, I am including some of the more obscure tractors built in and around what is now the Quad Cities area in the teens and twenties. I had not planned to include the Dain, however, it has such an interesting and controversial history I decided to include it and its predecessors as locally built tractors.

Copy write , , not for republication or sale without express written consent. All images are the property of their respective owners and are not to be reused without their express permission. Velie, a Rock Island, Ill. Three years later, Velie joined the Deere family business, still a small local firm, and worked closely with his brother-in-law, Charles Deere, for the next 32 years. Emma and Stephen had three sons, Stephen H. His first car, the Model A, was well built and had a 4-cylinder, 30 hp engine.

In , Velie used a Lycoming engine, but started building his own power plants in In , Velie began building a successful line of motor trucks. At about that time, the U. Army was exploring the possibility of using motor trucks to supply units in the field. The first test, which started Feb. The Sampson burned out its rod bearings after only 39 miles and was sent back, but the other three slogged on through the mud with many breakdowns, finally reaching Fort Benjamin Harrison on March

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Fordson Industrial Antique Tractor This tractor has ser. The dash has Ford Motor Company Ltd. England cast into it, the manifold says gasoline only and it has a stromberg carb probably added with a Purolator air filter vented into the water air filter assembly.

Below is an extract from Ford tractor History E27N Fordson Major H.P., rpm 4 cylinder mixed fuel engine delivered 19 H.P. at the drawbar Unfortunately the engine number will be of no use in dating the tractor as the conversion to diesel would have happened during the tractors working life.

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Vintage and Classic Tractor Restoration This book is a complete guide to the subject, looking at how to initially purchase a tractor, through private means or at auction, and then how to restore it back to its former glory, as it would have looked when it left the factory. It is even possible to preserve a classic tractor in its working condition, which has a unique appeal to some tractor collectors and in some ways is harder than a full restoration to undertake.

Fifty-two practical picture spreads show techniques suitable for restorers of all levels of skill.

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Production started in and ended in Do you have any comments or questions about this tractor? Know anyone who owned one? If so, please join in on the discussion below. Use the form for entering your comments.

So based on these numbers your tractor would be built in early July The E1ADKN & E1ADDN are the starting letters of the Fordson Major parts for example E1ADKNA is the exhaust muffler.

Price Increase October In the three and a half years we have been running the company we have not increased our prices, however with the cost of materials rising all the time, and the falling pound we can no longer keep them at the current rates. A lot of the materials we buy come from overseas and the weak pound has seen the cost of theses increase dramatically.

The gears differ from the originals in that they are made from one piece of tufnol rather than having a bush in the centre. Also there is no keyway so you need to file your own. We have tested these gears and they work perfectly well and are much cheaper to produce so we can pass the saving on to the customer. Remmy rotor arms for Hispano Suiza Cars. We are about to start making the tooling and moulds to produce a batch of rotor arms for Remmy distributors fitted to Hispano suiza cars from the ‘s.

These should be ready by the end of June These may well fit other makes of cars fitted with this distributor. Call for more information.

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Report to Moderator Posted: Sun Feb 12, 4: Refer to pic1 again, note the small center punch indents around the inner periphery of the seal housing from about 9 0’clock to 3 o’clock. These punch marks slightly deform the housing metal, creating inward pressure on the seal in addition to the interference fit, as insurance the seal does not back out of the housing. Staking is only done to the housing, not to the seal. This is common practice when installing seals and bearings that are in jeopardy of backing out and is recommended in the Case manual for this seal.

Staking is done before the shaft is installed to provide better access. View pic 2, I have deleted the parts that are inside the transmission and are not in way of the seal assembly.